Move from REALSQLdatabase to SQLiteDatabase

While current SQLiteDatabase in Xojo 2018r4 uses SQLite 3.25.3, the old REALSQLdatabase is still version, about 6 years older. If you still have code with REALSQLdatabase, please move it to SQLiteDatabase. Or you move to SQLDatabaseMBS, which offers SQLite 3.27.1 currently with the recently added VACUUM INTO command.

Normally you just change the class names from REALSQLdatabase to SQLiteDatabase and RealSQLPreparedStatement to SQLitePreparedStatement. The older class sometimes added ROWID to the select statements to make edit/update/delete methods workable.

A few things SQLiteDatabase got over the six years:
  • SQLite got a backup API, so you can backup to a new SQLiteDatabase.
  • SQLite 3.25.0 got window functions
  • SQLite 3.24.0 got support for PostgreSQL-style UPSERT.
  • SQLite 3.18.0 got PRAGMA optimize command.
  • SQLite 3.15.0 got support for row values.
  • SQLite 3.9.0 got FTS 5 extension
  • Endless bug fixes including some that could corrupt the database.
  • Great performance improvements between
Finally a general tip. Please call SQLExecute "PRAGMA cache_size = 20000" early in app start to set a big enough cache size. If the tables or their indexes don't fit in memory, performance suffers.

MBS Xojo Plugins, version 19.1pr2

New in this prerelease of the 19.1 plugins:
  • Changed CarbonEventsIdleTimerMBS.available to be shared property.
  • Added CGImageSourceMBS.CreateThumbnailMT to create thumbnails threaded.
  • Added GMConvertMBS and GM16ConvertMBS classes.
  • Added HIDAPIDeviceMBS.WriteAsync method.
  • Added SQLErrorExceptionMBS.SQL property.
  • Added TiffPictureMBS.ScanlinesScaled function to scale down vertically on reading scanlines.
  • Added work around to NSColorSpaceMBS.File property to make it work better.
  • Changed UNNotification functions to return error on server.
  • Changed WebDownloadDelegateMBS and NSURLDownloadMBS classes to be thread safe.
  • Changes TiffPictureMBS.Scanlines and ScanlinesScaled to yield.
  • Fixed a problem with TiffPictureNBS.Scanlines crashing with too small buffer for some images.
  • Fixed crash with connecting to SQL Anywhere when creating connection failed. Now reports an error instead.
  • Fixed problem with UNNotification functions blocking plugin to initialize on Server. (from pr1)
  • Fixed TiffPictureNBS.Scanlines to correct parameters if RowsPerStrip > 1.
  • Removed OverlayMBS.WindowGroupHandle property.
  • Removed WindowGroupMBS class (Mac 32-bit Carbon only).
  • Updated DynaPDF to version
  • Updated SQLAPI to 4.2.5b4.
  • Updated SQLIte to version 3.27.1.
Or ask us to be added to our shared Dropbox folder.

CGImageSourceMBS CreateThumbnailMT method for Xojo

Today a client had questions on how to get a lot of thumbnails calculated quickly in Xojo. We do have CGImageSourceMBS class to read various image files and use Apple's image decoders with hardware acceleration, but doing one after the other in Xojo for thousands of image files would still take a long time.

To speed things up, we made a few plugin functions to use preemptive threads to create the thumbnails. You run several Xojo threads and in each process image files and call one of the following methods:

CreateThumbnailMT(file as FolderItem, ImageIndex as integer = 0, Options as dictionary = nil) as CGImageMBS
CreateThumbnailMT(data as String, ImageIndex as integer = 0, Options as dictionary = nil) as CGImageMBS
CreateThumbnailMT(data as MemoryBlock, ImageIndex as integer = 0, Options as dictionary = nil) as CGImageMBS

The main work is done on a preemptive thread, so you can get a lot of CPU cores busy if needed. The returned CGImageMBS objects can be converted to Xojo pictures (Picture method), or you get png or jpeg image data with PNGData or JPEGData methods.

You can pass various options via dictionary to select the thumbnail size or decide whether you like to use thumbnails embedded in images.

Coming soon for next 19.1 prerelease. If you like to try earlier, please email us.

PS: We also add GMConvertMBS class to do the similar things cross platform. You can use it to scale down images for thumbnails with preemptive threads.

MBS Xojo Plugins, version 19.1pr1

New in this prerelease of the 19.1 plugins: Download:
Or ask us to be added to our shared Dropbox folder.

More SceneKit for Xojo

For next MBS Xojo Plugins, we'll get a few new SceneKit classes for 3D graphics. Here a few screenshots from new examples:


Linux Icon Functions for Xojo

For next plugin prerelease, we add new LinuxIconMBS module to provide a few new functions to query icons.

The Icon function queries the picture for the icon based on a mime type, while SymbolicIcon queries the symbolic icon. The FileIcon function takes a folderitem and queries a picture for the icon. For some files, you can query a thumbnail with FileThumbnail function. You get back a path to the temporary file with the icon, in our case a png file.

Functions coming soon for MBS Xojo Linux Plugin 19.1.

Older Xojo versions

Not every project needs the newest and latest version of Xojo. Be sure to keep older versions installed in parallel for your computer.

Here is a list of our special versions kept for various tasks:

Use Xojo 2018 Release 4 for current projects in development.
Use Xojo 2018 Release 2 to build for MacOS 10.9.
Use Xojo 2017 Release 2 if you need a 32-bit IDE on Mac.
Use Xojo 2017 Release 1 to build for MacOS 10.7 or with Linux with GTK2.
Use Xojo 2016 Release 3 to use Windows GDI Graphics
Use Xojo 2016 Release 1 to build for Windows Vista.
Use Xojo 2015 Release 2 to build for Windows XP.
Use Xojo 2013 Release 4 to use QuickTime classes.
Use Xojo 2013 Release 3 to build for MacOS 10.6.
Use Xojo 2011 Release 3 to build for PowerPC Macs.

You can read about removals and deprecations on the Xojo documentation in the Deprecations section. We still have a few clients who want their software to run on older operation systems for various reasons. For example special hardware like PCI cards may not work on the latest Windows version due to missing drivers. So they may want to keep an app with ancient Windows version supported.

To download an older Xojo version, you can log into Xojo website, go to download archives. If you have a current license for Xojo, you can certainly ask them for an older license key if needed.

MBS Xojo Plugins in version 19.0 support all Xojo versions and plugins for older Real Studio are available on request.

Playing with SceneKit

For next MBS Xojo Plugins, we'll get a few new SceneKit classes for 3D graphics. This includes primitives like cylinders, spheres, tubes, cones, torus and boxes. You can create them, show them in 3D space, animate and rotate them as needed.

Today I translated an example from Swift to Xojo quickly to solve towers of Hanoi problem:

The new examples will be included with next MBS Plugin version.

UserNotifications framework for Mac

The UserNotifications framework has been in iOS since version 10. With MacOS 10.14 Apple added this framework for the Mac, so we have the same classes in iOS and MacOS. With MacOS 10.14 Apple also deprecated NSUserNotification API.

To MBS Plugins, we now add UserNotifications API for MacOS in both our FileMaker and Xojo plugins.

For Xojo the new plugin part UNNotification contains all the classes to wrap the framework. As usually, we make this thread safe for Xojo, manage memory automatically and convert data types for you.

For FileMaker we compile the same code as for iOS for MacOS. Our existing UNNotification functions simply work for MacOS, too. There are a few little differences like location based notifications are not supported and there are no launch images for MacOS. If needed we could add new functions for actions beside just bringing FileMaker to front.

If you like, you can try soon those new functions with the next betas.

16 Years Xojo Developer Magazine

Did you notice that over the last 16 years we got 97 issues of the Xojo developer magazine.

As you know the magazine is more up to date than any book and we highly recommend a subscription for all Xojo developers. Keep up to date on news, development best practice and learn tips and tricks.
Today you get all 97 back issues with 6876 pages in total. Check the Welcome to Xojo bundle for new users.

You need a subscription? Contact us via form before 5th Feb 2019 to win one of three short subscriptions (3 issues).


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