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Fixing broken text encodings in Xojo

Sometimes you may see text like this:

Vielen Dank für ihr Verständnis.

That is a German text saved as UTF-8, than imported in another encoding. We need to cleanup that encoding and I got a nice function for this. We simply try to see if the text in another encoding is valid text and convert it back to UTF-8. Here is the function and it's test method:

Function FixEncoding(s as string) As string dim UTF8 as TextEncoding = encodings.UTF8 if not UTF8.IsValidData(s) then break // this function works only on UTF-8 text! return s end if // how many ? do we have? dim CountFieldsS as Integer = CountFieldsB(s, "?") dim u as integer = encodings.Count-1 for i as integer = 0 to u // we try each encoding dim e as TextEncoding = encodings.Item(i) dim internetName as string = e.internetName if internetName.left(3) <> "UTF" then // skip all UTF variants // now convert back to old encoding dim t as string = ConvertEncoding(s, e) if UTF8.IsValidData(t) then // looks like the new text is valid UTF-8 dim CountFieldsT as integer = CountFieldsB(t, "?") if CountFieldsT = CountFieldsS then // and conversion didn't find characters it didn't like dim r as string = DefineEncoding(t, encodings.UTF8) // we got a fixed string return r end if end if end if next End Function
Sub Test() dim SomeText as string = "Vielen Dank für ihr Verständnis." // lets say you would save this text in other encoding dim SomeText_WindowsANSI as string = DefineEncoding(SomeText, encodings.WindowsANSI) dim SomeText_MacRoman as string = DefineEncoding(SomeText, encodings.MacRoman) dim SomeText_DOSLatin1 as string = DefineEncoding(SomeText, encodings.DOSLatin1) // and now get that as UTF-8 dim SomeText_WindowsANSI_UTF8 as string = ConvertEncoding(SomeText_WindowsANSI, Encodings.UTF8) dim SomeText_MacRoman_UTF8 as string = ConvertEncoding(SomeText_MacRoman, Encodings.UTF8) dim SomeText_DOSLatin1_UTF8 as string = ConvertEncoding(SomeText_DOSLatin1, Encodings.UTF8) // now you have the broken text you don't want. // e.g. Vielen Dank für ihr Verständnis. // now we want to fix. dim SomeText_WindowsANSI_UTF8_fixed as string = FixEncoding(SomeText_WindowsANSI_UTF8) dim SomeText_MacRoman_UTF8_fixed as string = FixEncoding(SomeText_MacRoman_UTF8) dim SomeText_DOSLatin1_UTF8_fixed as string = FixEncoding(SomeText_DOSLatin1_UTF8) // and you see in debugger all texts are back right Break End Sub
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