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Replace Image in PDF

For DynaPDF we add new method to replace an image in a PDF:

With existing functions, you can query image information for all the images and export them to files. With the next plugin, you can use a new function in DynaPDF to replace each image with a new image. The display size and orientation is not changed, so your new image should match the size and aspect ratio.

With next plugin version, you can use the new function DynaPDF.ReplaceImage in FileMaker or DynaPDFMBS.ReplaceImage in Xojo. You can pass new picture as file on disk or with data in memory. The image can use it's own color space or be converted to one of the color spaces defined in the PDF or standard device colorspaces.

If you like to try, send me an email for an early preview copy. The biggest plugin in space...
30 09 17 - 22:37

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