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Windows, Xojo and the Clipboard

You may know that we have a few clipboard dedicated classes in our Xojo plugins.
Now Xojo’s move to DirectDraw in 2016r4 and subsequent changes in 2017r1 and 2017r2, we had to adjust our plugins to keep working on Windows. So for next plugin version we include fixes to our SetPicture and GetPicture functions to correctly put a bitmap on the clipboard. Our plugin can get/set the bitmaps to the clipboard now in 32 and 64bit.

The clipboard can hold several data types and Windows defines a couple of standard formats. Beside the bitmap type, there is a DIB type for a device independent bitmap and Metafile Picture for vector graphics. Normally Windows should convert from DIB to BITMAP or back.

Still some applications like Excel or Word look for the DIB and the conversion from BITMAP doesn’t work well. So we added new SetDIB/GetDIB functions to put a Xojo picture on the clipboard in the DIB format. This should solve problems people may have with clipboard.

If you like to try the newer plugins, please do not hesitate to contact us.
18 08 17 - 14:22
three comments

What I don’t quite get: if you have a function that does the same thing then why split it up into three? Especially with quite different names? Why not one function call, and under the hood conditional compilation?

That is a prime example of why MBS has a problem with discoverability. I get that people might only be interested in ine platform, but MBS is HUGE and what people are even more interested in is ease of use.

And what about Linux?
Markus Winter - 19 08 17 - 14:12

MBS Plugin offers independently OS functionality which beyond what Xojo offers.
Xojo offers a cross platform clipboard class, but we needed more.
So years ago we added classes for Mac, in-between the Windows class and yet I have none for Linux.
Christian Schmitz (URL) - 19 08 17 - 14:16

Thanks for the reply. And it’s easy enough to add ourselves.
Markus - 19 08 17 - 14:23

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