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New TaskDialog Class

We got a new TaskDialogMBS class in the next prerelease. You can use it to show very customizable dialogs on Windows. Beside message you can have several buttons, either standard buttons like OK, Yes, No, Retry, Cancel, Abort or you can define your own buttons and add a checkbox if needed.
You can include a custom icon, footer text with icon and an expandable area with more details. If you like to let the user pick a choice, you can show radio buttons to pick one.
For live updates we have events, so you can react on events while the dialog is open and handle things like clicked links in your message text. Yes, you can enable links and if a link is clicked, you get an event to call ShowURL to open it in a browser.

The example app looks like this:

and we got this dialog:

Now you can also add a progress bar if needed and check a few more options. The biggest plugin in space...
25 03 16 - 21:29

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