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More Drag & Drop on Windows

Did you see our recent improvements to WinDataObjectMBS class?

It is great for receiving drags on Windows. Especially we got a case with Microsoft Outlook here. When you drag and email and/or attachments to your Xojo app, you do not get all data normally. But with using our classes, you can get more details.
For a normal Explorer file drag, the GetPaths function will give you folder items. But with Outlook attachments, there are not paths. But GetFileDescriptors gives you metadata for those attachments and GetFileContents function can give you the data. For the actual email, the GetFileName function gives you a path.
The reason for all those different functions is that Microsoft invented over the years newer ways to handle drag & drop, especially for files.
With now three ways to receive files, we are happy to get data into Xojo app from Microsoft Outlook. The biggest plugin in space...
28 12 15 - 11:34

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