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Using NSTextViewMBS

I had a client asking for more functions for NSTextViewMBS class. So with next plugins, we'll have a couple of new methods there including most important an insertText method. You can add normal strings, but also NSAttributedStringMBS object. This means you can read some file with data (RTF, Word Document, HTML, etc.) and insert it in some existing text. And of course you can create NSMutableAttributedStringMBS on the fly and set attributes. Also with new text storage access on the text view, you can set or get the text with attributes from the textview.

You can use our NSTextViewMBS class for both: Pimp an existing TextArea object in a Real Studio cocoa target or use the CocoaControlMBS control to add it to a Carbon or Cocoa window. So please check next plugins :-) The biggest plugin in space...
15 04 12 - 13:12