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CocoaBase needs MacOSXCG

We have an extra dependency which will be fixed for next prerelease.
But for the time being, if you use the Cocoa plugin parts, please also install MacOSXCG part.

The errors you get look like this:

There is no class with this name:
File: MBS Real Studio CocoaBase Plugin.rbx
Location: NSFontMBS.fontWithDescriptor


PropVal, NSFontMBS.Name (property value), Type mismatch error. Expected NSAffineTransformMBS, but got Variant, Name:NSFontMBS
PropVal, NSFontDescriptorMBS.Name (property value), Type mismatch error. Expected Variant, but got NSAffineTransformMBS, Name:NSFontDescriptorMBS The biggest plugin in space...
22 03 12 - 21:22

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