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Updated 1500 Examples projects

This weekend we had a big task: Convert all 1500 Real Studio projects to current Real Studio versions. This is a big task. I can automate this to a certain level, but this different dialogs which can show up when you load a project or compile it. So we did:
  • Converted projects to Real Studio 2011r4.
  • Replaced pict files with png files.
  • Updated editfields to textarea/textfield.
  • Updated statictext to label.
  • Made sure all projects compile with Real Studio 2011r4.
I expect this to help people new to Real Studio, because now projects should open without deprecation warnings. You can download those examples here.
Also we verified that more than 5300 example code snippets in the help do compile. The biggest plugin in space...
18 03 12 - 14:41