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Instructions for setting up a Jiffybox for Real Studio Web Apps

Some people asked me over the last weeks how to get a web application on a server without buying a root server or a managed server. The Jiffybox is a service from my internet hoster domainfactory for getting virtual private servers on demand. This is really cool as you pay per hour for it which makes in smallest version just 15€ per month. But best is that you can create a new one in a few seconds and start/stop them as you need. So if you have new client, you can setup one in a few minutes and get his web app running.

For my german users I wrote instructions on how to setup the jiffybox for use with web apps.

Also I moved today myown web apps to a new jiffybox with CGIs. I still have the old jiffy box on disk, so I can restart it if needed.

PS: This will also be a topic on my upcoming Real Studio trainings. The biggest plugin in space...
07 03 12 - 20:35

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