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More on printing on Windows

Printing on Windows with Real Studio has a few limitations and clients asked often for more options. We do have a few classes for some printing on Windows: The WindowsPrinterMBS class can enumerate printers and control a few options. For example finding job details or page format information. We also have the WindowsAddPrintJobMBS. It was originally made to allow sending postscript directly to a Laser Printer, but it works as far as I know also with other printers with raw data.

Today I worked on graphics class enhancements. We have new class WindowsGraphicsInfoMBS to find out details on a graphics object on Windows. For example if you have a graphics object from OpenPrinter command, you can query the logical and physical page sizes as well as resolution value and paper size in millimeters. That's quite useful, because we have a new function graphics.WinApplyDevModeMBS to apply a WindowsDeviceModeMBS object to the graphics object. This way we can rotate a page or change it's paper size.

Due a limitation in Windows, we can't change the first page. We can only apply new printer settings when no page is open. So we have functions WinEndPageMBS and WinStartPageMBS to end a page, change settings and start a new page.

This will be part of 12.1pr6 next week.
25 02 12 - 20:20