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MBS Real Studio Plugins, version 11.3pr1

New in this prerelease of the 11.3 plugins:
  • Updated DynaPDF to version
  • Added SplitCommaSeparatedValuesMBS method.
  • Added new methods for Lion to NSScrollerMBS and NSScrollViewMBS classes.
  • Added NSClipViewMBS class.
  • Fixed a few XMP plugin bugs.
  • Added JavaPreparedStatementMBS.setBytes method.
  • Added getBytes and updateBytes methods to JavaResultSetMBS class.
  • Java plugin methods use now Int64 for Longs instead of Double.
  • Improved speed for XLS file import in XLSDocumentMBS class.
  • Added XLSDocumentMBS.Constructor to take a folderitem.
  • Most PNG functions have now default value 0 for gamma parameter.
  • Added PNGPictureMBS kDefaultGamma constant.
  • Fixed XLSDocumentMBS so it does not crash with more than 32767 rows. Should now work fine up to 65535 rows.
  • Added DRDeviceMBS.device and DRDeviceMBS.deviceCount for older Realbasic versions with limited array support.
  • Added multi threaded methods to DNSLookupMBS class.
  • Changed DNSLookupMBS class. Lookup methods are now shared methods. So if you use Lookup LookupHostbyNameMBS, LookupHostbyAddressMBS or LookupHostbyNameMBS, you need to update your code.
  • Updated DNSQueryMBS class to work on console applications.
  • Fixed bug in SKPaymentMBS and SKMutablePaymentMBS copy constructors.
  • Fixed Window.FullScreenPrimaryMBS getter for Cocoa.
  • Added Cocoa support for window.ToolbarVisibleMBS.
  • Added PictureMBS.ScaleMT function.
  • Removed CopySignMBS, TruncMBS and FDimMBS.
  • Removed CommentClassicMBS and CommentCarbonMBS.
  • Added more methods to NSTextViewMBS class.
  • Added a few new NSGraphicsMBS methods.
  • Fixed bugs with UInt32 getter/setter for UnZipFileInfoMBS and ZipFileInfoMBS classes.
  • Compiled plugins with Visual Studio 2008 (removed Codewarrior)
  • Zip files now created with new tool. Please report problems with decompression.
  • Added missing constructors to NSTextFieldCellMBS class.
  • Fixed DRBurnMBS.abort function.
Download: macsw.de/plugin/Prerelease The biggest plugin in space...
18 08 11 - 11:41