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MBS Real Studio Plugins, version 11.2pr6

New in this prerelease of the 11.2 plugins:

Please note that until Mac OS X 10.7 ships, we can't release plugins using new functionality. But we can inform you about progress.

  • Updated DynaPDF to version
  • Removed IMServiceArrayMBS, IMStringArrayMBS, IMServiceInfoMBS and IMServiceInfoArrayMBS classes.
  • Rewrote parts of Addressbook and InstantMessage plugin. You need to update your code.
  • Updated CoreWLAN plugin part for Mac OS X 10.7.
  • Updated CoreLocation plugin part for Mac OS X 10.7.
  • Prepared StoreKit Plugin for Mac OS X 10.7.
  • Updated Addressbook related plugin parts for Mac OS X 10.7 with new classes and methods.
  • Added WinUSBDeviceMBS class.
  • Added acceptsFirstMouse and viewDidMoveToWindow events for CustomNSViewMBS class.
  • Added NSViewMBS.enclosingMenuItem function.
Download: macsw.de/plugin/Prerelease The biggest plugin in space...
28 06 11 - 15:38

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