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MBS Real Studio Plugins, version 11.2pr5

New in this prerelease of the 11.2 plugins:
  • Added NSApplicationDelegateMBS class. This allows to fill the dock menu in Cocoa applications, see example.
  • Added a lot of new NSApplicationMBS methods and constants.
  • Added DisableAllMenuItems, EnableAllMenuItems, MenuHasEnabledItems and SubmenuParentChoosable to MenuMBS class.
  • Added NSMenuMBS CarbonMenuRef.
  • Fixed events for CustomNSVIewMBS class.
  • Fixed QTGraphicsExporterMBS.InputPicture to work on Cocoa targets.
  • Added WindowsDropTargetMBS AttachToControl.
  • Fixed alignment bug with DynaPDFRasterImageMBS class.
Download: macsw.de/plugin/Prerelease The biggest plugin in space...
20 06 11 - 23:25

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