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MBS Plugins 11.1 Release notes

Here are the release notes for version 11.1:
  • Moved from DynaPDF 2.5 to DynaPDF 3.0.
  • Added Windows Image Color Management classes to perform color matching on Windows with ICC profiles.
  • Added some 64 bit support to UnZipMBS and ZipMBS classes. Works with having files bigger than 4 GB inside the archive. But seems not to work so far with archives > 2 GB.
  • Added CGDisplayConfigMBS, CGDisplayModeMBS and CGDisplayReconfigurationEventMBS classes.
  • Added PhidgetNMEADataMBS, PhidgetGPVTGMBS, PhidgetGPSTimeMBS, PhidgetGPSSatInfoMBS, PhidgetGPSMBS, PhidgetGPSDateMBS, PhidgetGPRMCMBS, PhidgetGPGSVMBS, PhidgetGPGSAMBS, PhidgetGPGGAMBS, PhidgetFrequencyCounterMBS, PhidgetBridgeMBS and PhidgetAnalogMBS classes.
  • Added more Open CL functionality: CLSamplerMBS, CLProgramMBS, CLMemMBS, CLKernelMBS, CLEventMBS, CLPlatformMBS, CLContextMBS and CLDeviceIDMBS classes.
  • Added HASPHLDMBS class. Newer HASP Dongles need you to generate your own APIs (library files) which you now can read into HASPHLDMBS class.
  • Added FetchFirst, FetchLast and FetchPrior to SQLCommandMBS class.
  • Added movie GetMovieApertureModeMBS.
  • Added more NSWindowMBS methods like setContentBorderThickness.
  • Added NSViewMBS.enclosingScrollView.
  • Added HTMLViewer.NSScrollView and WebViewMBS.NSScrollView.
  • Added PNGReaderMBS.ReadRow method which takes a memoryblock (for better speed).
  • Added NSHelpManagerMBS class.
  • Added ExtraLatency and UseMinimumLatency to CAPlayThroughMBS class.
  • Added PictureBlend DiffPicturesMBS function.
  • Added GlyphGetCubicPaths and GlyphGetQuadraticPaths methods to ATSUStyleMBS class.
  • Added ATSPathEventsMBS class.
  • Added UnZipMBS Position2 property
  • Added UInt64ToDoubleMBS and DoubleToUInt64MBS.
  • Added BusSpeed and CPUSpeed to SystemInformationMBS module.
  • Added CAPlayThroughMBS class.
  • Added SUAppcastItemMBS.propertiesDictionary
  • Added incrementalData and UserAgentString to SUAppcastMBS class.
  • Added 91 constants for AccessibilityMBS class.
  • Added Tag properties to MDItemMBS and MDQueryMBS.
  • Added MBS.VersionString constant.
  • Added DirectorySizeMBS.CountBundlesAsItem property.
  • Added ScientificStrMBS function.
  • Added NSHTTPCookieMBS and NSHTTPCookieStorageMBS classes.
  • Added Picture GetMaskMBS function for leak testing.
  • Added gworld state saving to NSSavePanelMBS and CustomNSViewMBS classes events for the case you use QuickDraw picture functions in order to avoid crashes.
  • Added unregisterDraggedTypes and registerForDraggedTypes to NSWindowMBS class.
  • Added unregisterDraggedTypes, registerForDraggedTypes, registeredDraggedTypes to NSViewMBS class.
  • Added NSSecureTextFieldMBS class.
  • Added NSSearchFieldMBS class.
  • Added NSControlMBS.cell
  • Added SecureDongleXMBS module.
  • Added HIconFromFileMBS and HIconFromPicturesMBS functions.
  • Added CloseForString and CreateForString to GZipFileMBS class.
  • Added StrMBS function.
  • Added BeginTransparencyLayer, BeginTransparencyLayerWithRect and EndTransparencyLayer to CGContextMBS class.
  • Added more methods to WIAGUIDMBS class.
  • Added SobelMBS and SobelChannelsMBS functions to picture class.
  • Updated to Real Studio 2011r1 Plugin SDK.
  • Updated libz to version 1.2.5.
  • Updated DynaPDF 3 Plugin to version dynapdf
  • Updated DynaPDF 2 Plugin to version dynapdf (DynaPDF 2 plugin is available as separated download.)
  • Updated to SQLAPI++ 3.8.1.
  • Fixed memory leak in NewCFMutableDictionaryMBS.
  • Fixed a bug with MDQueryMBS so it works better in the future.
  • Fixed bug in PictureMBS when with using RowInFormat with RGBA and a RGBA picture the alpha values were not copied.
  • Fixed crash in QuickLookMBS. Compiler optimized away the weak link check.
  • Fixed crash in CombinePictureWithMask with various plugin parts: PNG, Tiff and GraphicsMagick.
  • Fixed crash with passing nil for when parameter in AudioDeviceSetPropertyString, AudioDeviceSetPropertyMemory, AudioStreamSetPropertyString and AudioStreamSetPropertyMemory in CoreAudioMBS class.
  • Fixed endian bug in DNSQueryRecordMBS class so type and class are now reported correctly.
  • Fixed PDFPageMBS.Render to support rotation.
  • Fixed Window.HasNoShadowMBS for cocoa.
  • Fixed a crash with PNG reading from string inside threads.
  • Fixed bug in DynaPDFMBS.InsertPicture with byte alignment.
  • Fixed bug in RegistrationEngineMBS to place delimiter correctly: ICYR-RES4-UXQ1ICYR and not ICYR-RES4-UXQ1-ICYR
  • Fixed GZipFileMBS.CloseForString to not miss some bytes on the end.
  • Fixed memory leak in GetMBfromPictureMBS.
  • Fixed crash in JSONMBS.FindFirstLabel.
  • Fixed PhidgetSpatialMBS.setCompassCorrectionParameters method.
  • Fixed PhidgetSpatialMBS.SpatialData event bug.
  • Fixed RemoveWindowProxyIconMBS and WindowProxyIconFileMBS for Cocoa targets.
  • Fixed crash in PhidgetManagerMBS destructor.
  • Fixed WinLocalizationMBS properties to be now console safe.
  • Fixed an issue with huge CGImageMBS objects. CreateCGImageMBS works now better.
  • Fixed an issue with resolution not set correctly on Windows for writing tiff pictures with WriteRGB, WriteBW or WriteGray.
  • Updated Phidget classes to support version 2.1.8.
  • Updated CF classes, so they are now all console/web safe.
  • Updated ScreenshotWindowMBS and ScreenshotWindowRectMBS for Cocoa target.
  • Plugins now have code to get or set Real Studio arrays for older Realbasic versions (e.g. 2007r2). Plugins can't create arrays or append data there.
  • Removed folderitem.AsAliasMBS and ResolveAliasMBS as we deprecate that in favor of GetSaveInfo built into Real Studio.
  • Removed CGGetActiveDisplayListMBS, CGGetDisplaysWithPointMBS, CGGetDisplaysWithRectMBS and CGGetOnlineDisplayListMBS.
  • Removed AntiAliasedTextSizeMBS and IsAntiAliasedTextEnabledMBS functions.
  • Removed CPUInfoMBS class. Use SystemInformationMBS module instead.
  • Removed AraneusAleaMBS class as it does not work with current devices.
  • Removed CGDisplayListMBS class as we now use Real Studio arrays.
  • Removed SUAppcastItemArrayMBS class.
  • Changed DrawCGPDFDocumentMBS to work on Cocoa.
  • Changed GZipFileMBS.Close to set lasterror to zero.
  • Changed WebUIDelegateMBS.CreateWithRequest to accept a WebViewMBS object as return value.
  • Changed SUAppcastMBS.items to return REAL Studio array of SUAppcastMBS objects.
  • Changed CURLSMBS class linking so it runs now on Ubuntu 64 bit.
  • Overloaded most ChartDirector plugin functions to take color values in addition to integer color values. This should make use in Real Studio easier for most people.
  • Rewritten parts of CGDisplayMBS class so you now won't need CFStringMBS and CFDictionaryMBS objects to use it.
  • Most plugins now load libgtk if needed instead of hard linking it. This helps people which use console only applications and don't need to install gtk there.
  • Improved Web*DelegateMBS classes to better forward messages they don't handle. This fixes a focus issue with usign WebUIDelegateMBS class.
  • Window.MakeTransparentMBS now returns an integer. You store that integer in a property on your window and later in the Close Event you call CleanUpTransparentMBS with this value. This clean up is needed on Carbon application to avoid crashes.
  • Linked Java Plugin different so it does not trigger an install dialog when run on a Mac without Java installed.
  • DynaPDF.InsertPicture now handles 8 bit masks.
  • RotateMBS, Rotate90MBS, Rotate180MBS and Rotate270MBS now work on console applications and in the REAL Studio Web Edition.
  • Window.HasToolbarButtonMBS, Window.UnifiedTitleAndToolbarMBS and Window.CanBeVisibleWithoutLoginMBS now works on Cocoa targets.
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