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APIs change, but don't worry

Over the years APIs (application programming interface) change. As we code plugins in C, C++ and Objective-C, we are faced with all the changes from Apple and Microsoft as well as changes in libraries we use. No need for you to keep up to date with those changes as we can update the plugins to newer APIs without changing the interface to REAL Studio. We already switched a lot of functions from using Carbon to Cocoa for the future REALbasic Cocoa target. Also we updated older file functions on Mac from using FSSpec functions to newer FSRef functions. No need for you to care about this implementation details.

But from time to time things change or we simply discover a bug. For example on the CURLMBS class we had several changes over the last years. With newer CURL library versions there are options going away and new options being added. Whether an option in CURL is an integer or a boolean is not always well documented, and sometimes changes over time. So a few properties like OptionFTPCreateMissingDirs changed their type from "boolean" to "integer" to allow a third state. Other properties changed because we simply chose the wrong REALbasic data type. Also we had a typo error in our code so we renamed GetInfoResposeCode to GetInfoResposeCode.

If you have an old project which does no longer compile or function properly, you can try to fix it yourself. But before you become frustrated, please email us. Maybe you missed just a little note in our release notes. Good night.
30 06 10 - 01:30